PetWise Spotlight


Linda Gorman, Owner/Editor, PetWise Magazine

My name is Tiberius Von Fuenfberg Spitzen, Ti or Ti Ti to my friends. I am a German Shepherd with brown eyes and a red and black coat.

At just over one year of age I earned my Service Dog and Certified Therapy Dog status. I am a trained service dog for veterans suffering from PTSD as well as helping with alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs. Mommy was a Vet Nurse and she would take me to VA Hospitals where I received lots of attention. I saw so many people light up with a big smile and a joyful spirit when they saw me. I know this was my job and my purpose in life.

I understand two languages and thirty-two commands in English and German. Platz (down), stand, sitz, blieb (stay), wait, heir (come and sit), fuss (pronounced “foos” meaning to heel), watch, touch (objects specified), gib laut (speak), such (pronounced sue with a K meaning to find/search for something), front, between, behind, left, right, back, forward, aus (drop or release) and many, many more.

At home I am a regular guy. My favorite things to do are to go swimming, take a ride in the Canine Limo and play with my glow-in-the-dark ball. I will drop the ball and dance in circles until someone plays with me. Commercial dog food is not for me. Mommy makes me dehydrated steak treats, bacon, pork chops and ice cream. I watch TV and go “cray cray” over commercials about Duluth Trading Co. underwear or the State Farm commercials with Mr. Moose.

My best friends are Kay and Brad. I love when they visit and give me lots of attention. My biggest curiosity is babies in a stroller. Can anyone tell me who these little people are and where they come from?

I am an outstanding “mother’s little helper.” I help her cook my pork chops on the grill. I help take out the trash and recycle. I help vacuum, go potty and I am always there to lend a helping mouth when food “accidentally” (wink, wink) falls from her plate. Once I caught the cat in my mouth when he was trying to escape from his “time out.” I turned him in and brought him back to Mommy.

I remember our long, long drive to our new home surrounded by cactus, dry air and warm sun. Bunny rabbits roaming around and coyotes howling in the distance. I love my new home and all my new friends.

I live a happy and purposeful life. I have been given a gift to help heal very special people in need. My joy and enthusiasm lift their spirits and give them a way to love once again.