Pickleball Board of Directors and Committee Chairs Are Hard at Work

Jeff Smith

While you may have been playing pickleball, your board of directors and committee chairpersons were hard at work. The occasion was a recent monthly meeting of the SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Association board at the La Hacienda Club. Your board of directors—Kim Ahlgrim-Heine, president; Debbie Witten, vice president; CJ Utecht, director of events; and Milan Steube, treasurer—spent an afternoon covering myriad activities with committee chairpersons. Secretary Tess Densmore had an excused absence.

Topics included the 2022 budget status, safety incident reporting, a new “drop-in play” program, planning for the next local tournament, and financial support for a local children’s charity. It was also announced that Randy and Linda Wright have agreed to serve in the critically important roles of sponsor committee co-chairpersons. The board and committee heads spend many hours making it possible for you to enjoy the sport. Let them know how much you appreciate their efforts!