Pickleball Trivia Questions

Nancy Eisenstein

1. Who was Pickles Pritchard?

2. What year was pickleball introduced on television? What was the name of the television show?

3. When did the Heinz Company distribute their first pickle pins?

4. Where were pickle pins given out to introduce players to pickleball in the 1990s?

5. What was the game called in Hawaii?


1. The Pritchard family got a cockapoo puppy the summer of ‘65. Whenever a ball came his way, he would take it and run off with it because he thought it was his, Pickle’s ball!

2. In 2008, ABC’s Good Morning America aired a segment about pickleball.

3. Pickle pins were first distributed at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago.

4. Keith Bisel taught the sport to thousands of members of Thousand Trails Preserve (RV Park) and handed out pins from the Heinz Company.

5. Roger Knox was responsible for changing the name of pickleball to PUKABALL. The word Puka means ‘hole’ in Hawaiian. There sure are many holes in the ball!