Pickles and Pickleball

Karen Bellinger

Debbie Witten

Karen and her husband, Steve Bellinger, have lived in Saddlebrook Ranch for almost two years. They both enjoy pickleball and you can find them on the courts both in the morning and in the evening. After playing pickleball, Karen and Steve can be found eating their homemade pickles. Their pickles are a little bit spicy with just the right amount of kick. They also go great floating in a Bloody Mary!

The recipe is an easy one. They buy a half gallon bottle of Mt. Olive dill shears. The juice is drained off the pickles for later use. They add two cups of sugar and one cup of Frank’s RedHot hot sauce. The jar is then topped off with as much of the reserved dill juice needed to fill the bottle. Refrigerate and they are ready to serve and enjoy.