Pinal county Town Hall focuses on taxes

Maxine Brown, Executive Director

“Where Your Tax $ Goes!” is the theme for the 28th annual Pinal County Town Hall, Thursday, October 22. Approximately 180 delegates are expected to attend the informative sessions at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley with a pre-event reception and networking get together in Florence at the LB Cantina On-the-Patio from 5:00-7:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 21.

The overall goal of the sessions, according to Town Hall Director, Maxine Brown, is “to equip citizens with information and knowledge to understand their Pinal County tax bill. We will hear from both sides: Why and Why Not! What does that darn bill mean? The Pinal County Town Hall believes information on how the taxes work from the state down to the county and where they go from there will improve the knowledge of delegates and enable them to return to their community with a better understanding.”

This year’s speakers include Ken Bennett, Government Relations at Arizona Supreme Court. Mr. Bennett has served on a city council, the State Board of Education, as president of the Arizona Senate, as the 19th Arizona Secretary of State and as the CEO of a private business. Mr. Bennett will explain taxes at the State level with Levi Gibson, Director of Pinal County Finance, providing information on how the county tax system works. Arizona Tax Research Association will provide information on their findings regarding the Arizona tax system. Town Hall will have panels representing cities/towns, special districts, along with school districts.

Pinal County Town Hall’s Wayne G. Gerken Youth Scholarship will be awarded during the event. Town Hall offers students the opportunity to attend the event and participate in an essay contest for the scholarship. Town Hall Advisory Committee Vice-Chair, Donna McBride, in discussing the youth component of the program, stated, “Town Hall has provided a venue for young people to come together with local leaders. Helping them learn about important issues such as the Arizona tax system will help create the next generation of leaders.”

Pinal County Town Hall Advisory Committee Chair, Sandie Smith, explained, “I have attended all 27 Town Halls. These events have been instrumental in bringing together diversified interests to focus on timely, relevant issues vital to Pinal County and its citizens. This focus is then transformed into information taken back to local communities for a better understanding of the issue. The networking and friendships formed at these Town Halls are invaluable for forming alliances that will help ensure Pinal County is a place where we can live, work, and play.”

For registration or sponsorship packets and/or additional information, please contact Maxine Brown, Pinal County Town Hall, at 480-322-1626 or  [email protected].