Pottery Comes Full Circle

Dave Ambler with a piece that is dated 1988. He will finally have the chance to finish pieces in the Mudslingers studio.

Patti Jo Lewis

Meet Dave Ambler, who returned to Mudslingers Pottery Club after a two-year hiatus. He took the intro class almost two years ago and never finished his piece. Dave has been a potter since taking high school classes and perfecting his skills with his family. Dave had an interesting journey with his pottery pieces. He tells the story of how he gave away pieces to cousins and friends. His cousin’s house was devastated in the Paradise fire of 2018. They found his pieces still intact after the fire. In the past 40 years, Dave has created numerous pottery pieces, which were bisque-fired, but never glazed. Amazingly, he recently found all these pieces in several boxes. Dave will now have the chance to finish all those pieces.

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