Preventing Pickleball-Related Injuries

Jeff Smith

La Hacienda Club was the setting recently for a session on how to enjoy the sport of pickleball while minimizing your exposure to injuries. Presenters were physical therapists Seth Peterson, DPT, and Kirstin Weible, ScD, of The Motive in Oro Valley. They were recruited by club member Norb Weisbeck to share their experiences in helping pickleball players avoid injuries. Dr. Peterson and Dr. Weible described the most common injuries in this sport—strains, sprains, and fractures—along with “overuse injuries” that are caused by repetitive actions. Prevention techniques include dynamic warmups involving stretching, trunk and shoulder rotation, squatting and reaching overhead, and balance exercises. The therapists emphasized the importance of respecting pain and taking sufficient time to rest and heal if injured.

We are striving to develop the sport of pickleball at SaddleBrooke Ranch for all skill levels and abilities by creating and cultivating an environment that promotes health, social interaction, good sportsmanship, and fun. Let us all commit to doing that safely!