Put your aluminum cans to work

For more than a decade SaddleBrooke Community Outreach (SBCO) has been recycling donated aluminum cans to raise funds for clothing, food and educational programs that benefit children in nearby communities. Using the recycling services of Tucson Iron & Metal, SBCO has to date raised $48,099.

To recycle bags or boxes full of aluminum cans simply turn off Ridgeview at the driveway for 40007 S. Ridgeview Drive (a green sign marks this as the entrance to pickleball parking). The recycling container is located on the left side of the drive before you reach the Lago Del Oro and SaddleBrooke Utilities offices. Simply drive up to the recycling bin and deposit the cans. Please be sure to take your bag, box or other container home with you since items other than aluminum cans in the bin result in an extra handling fee. Every three or four months the container is replaced, and SBCO reaps the rewards of your recycling efforts.