Putters Enjoy Second Date as Couples

Putters and guests assemble on the green (photo by Camille Esterman)

Camille Esterman

After an uninvited monsoon washed out a couples’ event, the Ranchette Putters re-scheduled the tournament. On a late afternoon in November, 43 club members and 42 guests assembled on the SBR green—which was filled with an array of obstacles and themed slogans/sayings.

The hole decorated with an Uncle Sam’s hat and patriotic items asked putters to”Thank a Veteran.” A hole surrounded by bananas warned players “Not to Monkey Around.” A basket full of golf balls and a hole marker topped with bunny ears cautioned players to “Not Put All Their Eggs in One Basket.” And Morton Salt boxes, a small sombrero, and a tequila bottle encouraged putters to shoot for “A Lost Shaker of Salt.”

Using croquet mallets on one hole and starting two holes from the rough added additional challenges to the fun-filled tournament. Much laughter was heard and some moans were detected as mixed teams recorded their scores, before socializing in the La Mesa Room.

While players ordered food and drink from the Bistro, Doris Carlin and Cathy Ratliff isolated putters with four or more holes-in-one and averaged team scores. Prizes for acing 4+ shots were then awarded to: Paula Burns (4), Charlie Weimer (4), Tom Tanner (4), Rob Rizk (4), Dave Willson (4), and Jim Harvey (6).

With an impressive average of 36.75, first place was captured by the team of Don Cox, Joyce Cox, Irene Harvey, and Jim Harvey. An average of 39.33 put the team of Paula Burns, Mike Burns, Merrilee Johnson, Mark Johnson, Norma Tanner, and Tom Tanner in second place. The third-place award, with an average of 39.50, went to Sandee Bickelhaupt, Larry Bickelhaupt, Tia Willson, Dave Willson, Christy Niehus, and Kevin Niehus.

The Ranchette Putters congratulate all the winners from our Couples’ Tournament and thank Jodi Walker-Lowe and her event team for putting together this fun event.