Putters Face Challenges in December

Left to right: Pam Engelhardt, Judie Townsend, Donna Lura, Nancy Eisenstein, Randy Brosnahan, Dianne Bradley, Trish Minard, and Linda Sentivanac

Camille Esterman

How do you describe Arizona’s weather in December? Do the words cold, cloudy, windy, and brisk come to your mind? Well the Ranchette Putters experienced all of these conditions on the SBR 18-hole green, including spurts of sunlight that required shedding layers of clothing.

Our club members still had a great time in four of the five weeks that putting occurred. The month started out with more than 50 ladies the first two weeks, and then dropped down to 30 or more the last two weeks. However each week saw members bringing guests—many new residents and holiday visitors.

Each month prizes are given out to ladies with the first, second, and third lowest gross average scores, putters who sink six or more holes-in-one, and ladies with the first, second, and third lowest net average scores.

Ranchette Putters is proud to announce the December winners. Two ladies tied for the third lowest gross average: Dianne Bradley and Donna Lura with 38.667. Norma Tanner took second place with a gross average of 37.000. A great putting performance by Jacque Hendricks put her on top with a gross average of 36.667.

Sinking a ball with one stroke is always celebrated on the 18-hole green. Award cards were presented to these six putters who each scored at least six holes-in-one in December: Pam Engelhardt (9), Jacque Hendricks (8), Sue Marx (8), Trish Minard (6), Sheryl Ratliff (6) and Linda Sentivanac (6).

The use of handicaps has allowed the club to recognize another group of winners each month. Third place went to Nancy Eisenstein with a net average of 37.200. In second place was Judie Townsend with a net average of 36.660. Randy Brosnahan had the best net average with 36.550.

Ranchette Putters is amazed at the talent our December winners displayed. The club invites all female residents of SBR to join them for a fun weekly event. Check out the bulletin board by the pro shop for more information or contact Corky Mansmith at [email protected].