Putters new rule means more monthly rewards

March Net Winner: Debi Kerth; Photo by Doris Carlin

January Net Winners: Mary Tiemann and Irene Kiel; Photo by Doris Carlin.

February net winners: Cindy Watkins, Sandi Fredrickson and Anne Ratterman; Photo by Doris Carlin

Camille Esterman

At the April general meeting, members of the Ranchette Putters voted to use the USGA handicap system and double the number of monthly awards. Gross scores will still be used to recognize putters with the first, second and third lowest averages each month. The club values the talent and consistency demonstrated by our top performers.

Only gross scores will be used to determine the Roadrunner Award, which is given to the putter with the lowest annual average.

After considering handicaps, prizes will now be awarded to the putters with the first, second and third lowest net scores. This system will allow the club to recognize, encourage and reward members who are improving their game.

The Ranchette Putters is pleased to announce our net winners for the first three months of 2019. January net winners are Rita Teresi 36.967, Irene Keil 37.167 and Mary Tiemann 37.267; February net winners are Anne Ratterman 37.633, Cindy Watkins 37.967 and Sandi Fredrickson 38.967; and  March net winners are Sue Hynes 36.500 and Evelyn Silver 36.500, Debi Kerth 37.167 and Lori Eby 37.400.

Ranchette Putters is grateful for the support of our gold and silver level sponsors: Oracle Land & Homes, Les and Leslie Brown – the Sell, Buy and Rent Team; Xpert Automotive, Joe Pate; Golf Cars of Arizona, Allison; New York Life, Dennis Eckmeyer CLU, CHFC, LUTCF; Eckmeyer Insurance Services, Charlotte Eckmeyer; and Patrick Schaffer, DDS and La-Z-Boy of Arizona.