Putters Welcome Ladies from MountainView

Ranchette Putters and Lady Putters from MountainView assemble on the SBR green. (Photo by golf pro Mike Jahaske)

The winning team with an average score of 38: Gloria Olson (MV), Joyce Sutay (MV), Sherry Brinster (RP), Marilyn Heasley (RP), Jean Kraus (RP), and Vida Kaczmarek (RP) (photo by Camille Esterman)

Camille Esterman

On a cool, sunny morning in October, 55 Ranchette Putters were delighted to welcome 44 MountainView Lady Putters to SBR. Everyone was excited to reinstate an annual tournament that has been suspended the last two years.

As colorful fall leaves fluttered on the green, the clubs (both wearing pink shirts) assembled for a photo. Club pro, Mike Jahaske, was recruited to capture the smiling faces before mixed teams headed to their assigned holes.

Bumpers had just been placed on nine of the holes on the SBR green. And if a putter hit one of them, that shot was considered sunk. This perceived advantage soon disappeared, as balls skimmed by the bumpers without being able to catch the lip of an actual hole. Only two ladies individually aced 4 holes: Terri Stewart and Sheliah Drewienkowski (both putters from the Ranch).

Prizes were also awarded to the teams with the three lowest scores. First place, with an average of 38, was earned by: Sherry Brinster (RP), Marilyn Heasley (RP), Vida Kaczmarek (RP), Jean Kraus (MV), Gloria Olson (MV), and Joyce Sutay (MV). Second place, with an average of 39, was captured by Dianne Bradley (RP), Raye Gibson (MV), Jacque Lauer (RP), Judie Townsend (RP), and Vicki Wermager (MV).

Two teams tied for third place with an average of 39.2: JoAnn Ciaciuch (MV), Lisa Richards (RP), Evie Thompson (RP), Vickie Thomson (RP) and Ruthie Thoren (MV); and Roxy Heacock (MV), Joan Keane (RP), Marcia Munich (MV), Carol Ratza (MV) and Barbara Saffran (RP).

‘Fall in Love with Putting’ was the theme in the Sol Ballroom. Tables were decorated with bags of candy corn, fall leaves, leaf-shaped lollipops, and hurricane vases containing raffia and mini pumpkins. Everyone enjoyed their turkey club croissant sandwich, served along with a tasty spiral pasta salad. A fresh fruit cup, two chocolate cookies, and beverages completed the luncheon.

Meanwhile, the head table had more mini pumpkins and 10 stuffed pink gift bags. A random drawing determined which lucky ladies went home with assorted golf accessories—hats, sparkle visors, socks, golf balls, bling towels, and mini purses. The centerpieces were also given away. Congratulations to Jodi Walker-Lowe and her event team: Toni Estrada, Nancy Eisenstein, Judy Adams, and Trish Minard.

Thank you to Tyler and the Ranch House staff for helping us entertain the MountainView Lady Putters. Before leaving they extended an invitation to join them next year in a tournament on their green. It was so much fun putting together with our friends from SaddleBrooke.