Questers Corner


Harriet Shemer

The Catalina Timewalkers chapter of Questers welcomed February with a Chinese New Year program. The presenters were hostess Linda Holtz, co-hosts Beatrice Castillo and Roberta Williams. Roberta, who had lived and traveled in Asia extensively, began the program.

Roberta shared the history of the king, calling all animals to his palace. Along with this came all the customs, superstitions and traditions which the Chinese practice. These include the giving of the red envelope with money, for luck. Special feasts, sweeping all dust from house and paying all debts are concluded, also, during this time.

Linda followed with a description of all the animals and the year and animal with that year. Beatriz concluded with a presentation of a “forbidden stitch,” commemorative tablet. It is quite ornate. The meeting concluded with a delicious brunch, prepared by Linda and Beatriz.

The Catalina Timewalkers welcomes new members. We meet on the third Friday from October through May. Exceptions are December and May when we meet on the second Friday of the month. The purpose of Questors is to stimulate the appreciation of antiques and collectibles through study and to encourage the restoration and preservation of historic landmarks. Call Sandi Newberry at 520-818-0199 if you are interested in attending a meeting or want more information.