Ranch Piecemakers Present SBR Firefighters with Quilts

Left to right: Engineer Corey Kappel, Paramedic Tobin Johnson, Captain Cameron
Hendrix, and Firefighter Scott Ellis.

Nancy Felber and Gale Hall show an SBR
firefighter quilt.

Lorraine Smith

At the Dec. 20 meeting, members of the Ranch Piecemakers presented the SBR firefighters with five quilts to surprise our firemen for Christmas. This effort was coordinated and skillfully led by Georgia Gonzales. She asked the firemen for their T-shirts, and it took months of work and many volunteers. These T-shirts represent many fires that they fought in, relationships they developed, fundraisers, and training they received. So, these quilts represent many memories and hard work. It was a joy to design these quilts and serve our SBR community!