Ranch Roots Genealogy Club members share stories

Carol Andrews shares a pedigree chart and photos from a line of her family tree.

Carol Andrews shares a pedigree chart and photos from a line of her family tree.

Carol Fielding

Members of the Ranch Roots Genealogy Club met on January 25 in the La Mesa Room for their first meeting of the new year. The theme of the meeting was Share a Branch, which focused on sharing personal stories from one line of their family tree.

Each member was asked to create a display of one person in their ancestry through pictures, documents, pedigree charts and personal items handed down from their ancestors. In addition to charts and old photos, one member brought the family Bible, another wore earrings and a necklace passed down through the generations, and another brought an original Marriage Certificate from the early 1900s. Many interesting stories were shared about a part of their ancestral history together with tales of the families and of the research that went into finding the information.

While many members of the club have been researching their ancestry for many years, others are just getting started. A very successful Genealogy Clinic held last October allowed both the seasoned and newcomers to share resources and assistance to each other, as well as first-timers who came to the clinic with just a little information (name, date/place of birth, date/place of death, etc.) who wanted to get started on their own ancestry search.

Because of the success of the last clinic, the Ranch Roots Genealogy Club is again offering another Genealogy Clinic on March 28 at 1:00 p.m. in the La Mesa Room. Everyone is welcome! Bring whatever information you have on an ancestor (name, dates and places of birth, marriage, death, parents’ names, etc.). Members of the club will have laptops with access to various websites (Ancestry, Find-A-Grave, Family Search, Heritage Quest, etc.) to help in your search. Join us at the clinic and then join the club as we all search and create our family story. The club meets every month on the fourth Monday in the La Mesa Room. New members are always welcome!