Rancheros Students Advance to the Next Level

Susan Irons, Steve Irons, Ruth Hochstein of Sun City, and Kim Denny

Rebecca Williams

The Rancheros Square Dance Club was happy to introduce three new dancers to their next level in square dancing. Having learned the 62 calls that make up the Mainstream level this past fall, the dancers are now working on the 32 additional calls involved in the Plus level, which is the level at which the Rancheros Club dances. This is the preferred level for many clubs across the nation.

Square dancing is unique because it is a good physical activity that is also mentally stimulating and, because the dancers work with all eight people in their square, it is also a very social activity. It’s also fun that, once learned, dancers can go to square dances anywhere in the United States and around the world. The calls are done exactly the same everywhere.

Kim Denny moved to SaddleBrooke Ranch from Indiana where she initially took up square dancing with her husband, Dann. When they moved to the Ranch they were able to join in dancing immediately and developed many great friendships with dancers both from the Ranch and from the sister club, SaddleBrooke Squares, in SaddleBrooke. Kim is now working on becoming an accomplished dancer on the boy’s side as well, giving her versatility to be able to help fill out a square in whichever roll is needed.

Steve and Susan Irons just started learning to square dance when lessons started in September. They have friends in SaddleBrooke who encouraged them to give it a try, and they have made good progress on their skills.

This year’s lessons have already started, but the Rancheros hope to be able to offer another “Introduction to Square Dancing” and lessons starting again in early September.

If you have questions or would like more information on the Rancheros or square dancing, please contact either Rebecca Williams at [email protected] or Kim Denny at [email protected]. Look for our booth at the Club Expo on March 5.