Ranchette Putters Announce Roadrunner of the Year

Incoming Board: Vickie Thomson, Wendy Boyer, Susie Morrill, Mary Leben, Lynn Wagner, Marilyn Heasley, Trish Minard

Pat Albu

The SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Ranchette Putters met for a luncheon on Jan. 11 in the Sol Ballroom, and Doris Carlin was announced as the Roadrunner of the Year! Doris had the lowest gross average among all the members, at 35.189. This was quite an accomplishment, and for her efforts, she won $35 in prize money.

The other yearly winners include:

2nd Lowest Gross Avg: Sue Marx (36.265)

3rd Lowest Gross Avg: Linda Noble (36.576)

Lowest Net Avg: Jacque Hendricks (36.107)

2nd Lowest Net Avg: Mary Schlacter (36.115)

3rd Lowest Net Avg: Beth Wilson (36,786)

Most Holes-in-One (Full-time Putter): Doris Carlin, 78

Most Holes-in-One (Part-time Putter): Stacey Raaf, 33

Congratulations to all our winners!

The luncheon was organized by Vickie Thomson and her Events Committee. There was a delicious lunch followed by an extensive raffle, with many gifts provided by our own Pro Shop. We also honored several of our Silver and Gold sponsors, including SBR residents Les and Leslie Brown of Oracle Land and Homes, SBR resident Marie Mantoura of Touchstone Jewelry, and Joe Pate of XPert Auto.

We also introduced the new board members for 2024: President, Marilyn Heasley; President-Elect, Vickie Thomson; Secretary, Mary Leben; Treasurer, Lynn Wagner; Membership, Trish Minard; Statistician, Wendy Boyer; Events, Susie Morrill.

We look forward to an exciting year of putting in 2024!