Ranchette Putters November Award Winners

Pam Engelhardt

November was a month with five Wednesdays to rack up lots of holes-in-one, and that they did! We had more than 579 Putters who participated in the month of November. Here are the results.

Lowest Goss Average—Doris Carlin, 35.200

Second Lowest Gross Average—Barbara Saffron, 35.500

Third Lowest Gross Average—Marilyn Heasley, 35.667

Lowest Net Average—Bernice Casey, 32.933

Second Lowest Net Average—Vida Kaczmarek, 35.267

Third Lowest Net Average—Sheryl Ratliff, 35.833

Twenty-four Putters had six or more holes-in-one.

6 Holes-in-one: Sherry Brinster, Sandy Buonarigo, Audrey Gelb, Sandy Jessop, Carolyn Kane, Joann Keane, Linda Keller, Maggie Leyburn, Kerry Marrer, Lisa Moffett, Evelyn Silver, Laura Sooy, Lynn Wagner, Loren Weimer

7 Holes-in-one: Mary Anderson, Marilyn Heasley, Terri Stewart, Marci Unrah

8 Holes-in-one: Paula Burns, Cindy Cragin, Lynn Kehoe, Stacey Raff, Barbara Saffran, Roxanne Watson

9 Holes-in-one: Wendy Boyer, Doris Carlin, Gillian Cook, Ann Engraff, Jackie Foley, Sandy Getter, Sheryl Ratliff, Karen Rhodes

10 Holes-in-one: Mary Leben, Sue Marx

11 Holes-in-one: Pat Albu, Pam Engelhardt, Linda Noble

12 Holes-in-one: Trish Minard

13 Holes-in-one: Terri Menning

14 Holes-in-one: Beth Wilson and Cathy Ratliff