Ranchette Putters October Award Winners

October winners Trish Minard, Roxanne Watson, Doris Carlin, Corky Mansmith, and Sue Marx. Not all winners were present for the photo.

Pam Engelhardt

Ranchette Putters announce the following October Award winners:

Gross Average

Lowest Gross Average—Roxanne Watson—34.667

Second lowest Gross Average—Sue Marx—36.333

Third Lowest Gross Average—Trish Minard—37.80

Net Average

Lowest Net Average—Terry Menning—36.467

Second Lowest Net Average—Sharon Steen—36.767

Third Lowest Net Average—Corky Mansmith—37.633


Doris Carlin, Amy Donaldson, Cindy Kreis, and Terri Manning—Six Holes-in-One

Evelyn Silver—Eight Holes-in-One