Ranchette Putters post January winners


Camille Esteman

Ranchette Putters is proud to announce its award winners for January. Each month putters are recognized for sinking the most holes in one (six or more) and having the first, second and third lowest average scores.

January proved to be a month with wind and weather obstacles to overcome. Denise Sandoval rose to the occasions and turned in stellar performances with the lowest average of 36.667. Nancy Galant was close to follow with an average of 37.0. Alyce Grover, Janice Neal and Mary Schlachter all tied for third place with averages of 37.333.

In spite of the fact that two putting sessions were cancelled, Janice Neal won the award for most holes in one by sinking six of them.

Ranchette Putters congratulates our January winners.