Ranchette Putters Visit SaddleBrooke MountainView HOA TWO

Pam Engelhardt

April was a busy month for the Ranchette Putters. Not only do we putt every Wednesday at 9 a.m., but we also drove in carpools to SaddleBrooke MountainView HOA TWO for a tournament on April 17.

We arrived with lots of enthusiasm. There were three Ranchette Putters and three MountainView putters on each team. We all remembered the infamous hole number 4 as we watched many players struggle as their golf balls rolled back toward them.

Awards were handed out for the first, second, and third place teams with the lowest score for 18 holes. We all enjoyed a delicious lunch with lots of door prizes.

The Ranchette Putters have new starter markers and pink covers for all 18 holes. The starter markers were made by Tim Wagner, John Gordon, and Wes Morrill (our President Susie’s husband) and several men in the wood shop here at the Ranch. The covers were made by our very own Trish Minard. This made our putting green very festive for our tournament with Quail Creek in May.

The Putters send a big thank you to all.

April Monthly Awards:

Lowest Gross Average: Donna Lura, 35.333

Second Lowest Gross Average: Doris Carlin, 35.75

Third Lowest Gross Average: Trish Minard, 36.0

Lowest Net Average: Randy Bronson, 34.267

Second Lowest Net Average: Terry Stewart, 35.200

Third Lowest Net Average: Margie Stafford, 35.567

Six or More Holes-in-One:

Doris Carlin, 6

Linda Noble and Kathy Linthwaite, 7

Mary Ann Frelund, 8

Donna Lura, 9

Sue Marx, 10