RC Sailing of SBR Invites You to … Discover the Pleasure of Sailing

Ken Gorman

If you ask a seasoned sailor what it’s like to sail, you will likely be inundated with endless stories. They will express satisfaction in conquering the direction and force of wind and currents as the boat glides across the water. Stories will abound about coordinating the timely actions of the crew. What makes for a good outing? One way or another, you will hear managing the sails, including fine-tuning adjustments to make effective use of the wind’s power, ultimately determines a successful cruise. The pleasure is in the accomplishment; it’s the source of fun.

What about radio-controlled (RC) model sailboats? In this case, sailboats are operated by one person, not a crew, located onshore. The controls are simple: one to operate the rudder and the second to position the sails. A downside is not feeling boat motion. Accomplishments in sailing model boats with like-minded friends create fun just the same. Experienced members of the nascent RC Sailing of SBR club are committed to helping neophytes realize the fun of sailing.

The club will sail Soling 1 Meter Radio Controlled sailboats that are scaled-down versions of full-sized boats sailed all over the world and were once an Olympic sailing class. The Soling 1 Meter is easy to sail and is great for beginners. These boats are sailed by some of the best RC sailors in the world. The Soling 1 Meter is the largest RC fleet in the U.S. and possibly the world.

The boat size (5′ tall, 1 meter long) and weight (10 pounds) are the basis for them authentically presenting similar dynamics under the skipper’s hand as the full-size boat. They are simple enough to learn sailing, yet require skillful use of the controller and rapid decision making to excel. The sailing tasks parallel those of the big boats, to exploit the wind to go wherever you want, experiencing every point-of-sail along your way. This boat is a “keeper.”

We will invite you to free sailing sessions beginning in March after the winter weather. Prior to that, we will hold workshops regarding the basics of sailboats and sailing, and show how the boat responds to the remote controls. You will be fully prepared to start sailing. In those sailing sessions, we will launch the boat, demonstrate operation, and hand off the controls to you offering tips as appropriate. Learning proceeds rapidly after that. You won’t need to bring anything other than a carefree enthusiasm to try sailing.

Join us and give sailing a chance to be impactful on your happiness. If not now, when?

Are you already an experienced sailor? Please come on board and lend a hand.

Contact Nick Rau at [email protected] to express interest in attending a workshop and participating in our sailing sessions.

Frequently check our website at rcsailing.visipress.net for updates on workshops and sailing sessions, photos, and videos.