Republican U.S. Senatorial candidates hold meet and greet

The Senatorial candidates were introduced to the SaddleBrooke Republican Club members.

The Senatorial candidates were introduced to the SaddleBrooke Republican Club members.

Patricia Tarner

Republican U.S. Senatorial candidates gathered in the MountainView Ballroom on June 22 to share their political views at a Meet and Greet sponsored by the SaddleBrooke Republican Club, the Patriots of SaddleBrooke and the Pinal County Republican Women.

Director of Programs George Grove opened the event and then introduced Vice President Rich Brinkley who facilitated the posing of questions to the three candidates present: Alex Meluskey, Clair Van Steenwyk and Dr. Kelli Ward. John McCain, who is running for reelection as U.S. Senator, declined the invitation to attend the meet and greet.

Alex Meluskey as a successful businessman owns and operates his own printing company. He has served as a Precinct Committeeman and is also a syndicated radio host. Clair Van Steenwyk worked in business, served in Christian outreach in California and Mexico and was a Political Radio talk show host. Dr. Kelli Ward is a practicing physician. She is a former Arizona State Senator.

The first part of the program featured the three candidates seated on stage where questions were posed to each of the candidates covering a wide variety of pertinent issues concerning the electorate such as: the possibility of term limits for U.S. Senators, Taxes, Veterans, Immigration, Affordable Health Care, Race relations and Common Core.

After the combined session each candidate adjourned to a separate room and shared his/her views in a one-on-one exchange with the smaller group of attendees who had split up into the three different rooms. This gave the candidates an opportunity to personalize their message to potential voters.

Finally, candidates and attendees gathered together in the ballroom where the meeting was adjourned.

Those who participated in the Meet and Greet praised the event and appreciated the opportunity to get to know the candidates and become familiar with their positions on issues that affect the electorate. The Meet and Greet was designed to help those who attended to make a more educated decision when they vote in the upcoming primaries.