Republicans of SBR encourage you to fly your flag June 14


Carol Sorensen

Flag Day is celebrated because that day, June 14, 1777, marks the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the flag of the United States of America.

The next meeting of the Republicans of SaddleBrooke Ranch is Monday, June 18 at 1:00 p.m., in the La Hacienda Club, La Mesa Room.

The Republicans of SaddleBrooke Ranch are finding there are really five seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring and election season! Election time will soon be here and so the Republicans of SaddleBrooke Ranch are meeting candidates for Congressional, State, County and our local school board offices.

We are pleased that so many elected officials and candidates have traveled to the Ranch since our past 2016 election season. At each of our meetings we have been hearing from those who wish to represent us, making us better informed voters. As Republicans and conservative Independents, we learn the candidates’ views and policy ideas that help us to make our decision to support them in their effort to represent us.

Congressional candidates, who must travel all over Arizona, have joined us at SaddleBrooke Ranch, to explain their views. State elected officials have come to tell us what they have sponsored or programs accomplished. In Arizona, the State Representatives and Senator from each District serve two years in the Arizona Legislature. In the 1992 Proposition, Arizona voted for term limits, so they may only serve four consecutive two-year terms (eight years).

SaddleBrooke Ranch Republicans and conservative Independents have enjoyed fun activities partaking in the Pinal County Lincoln Luncheon in Casa Grande, meeting with the Governor, many political officials and national speakers—along with good food, friends and conversation. Our Justice of the Peace informed us about the local Oracle Justice Court (yes, we have a court in Oracle!). We also enjoyed the golf outing and luncheon held at the Ranch organized by our own residents; celebrated President’s Day with a trivia format; attended the Super Meet and Greet at SaddleBrooke and we participated in supporting Poppy Day for our veterans in need.

Lively round-table discussions on issues ranging from Washington D.C. politics to our own local propositions have given all of us a chance to express ourselves. We actively participate in making voters aware of candidates for election and look forward again to being involved with the election process.

Our Precinct Committeemen can answer your questions about local government, candidates, propositions that will appear on the ballot, early mail-in voting, the Primary August 28, and General Election November 6, 2018.

Republicans of SaddleBrooke Ranch meet the third Monday of each month in the La Mesa Room, 1:00-3:00 p.m. Changes will be announced.

Come join us on Monday, June 18 at 1:00 p.m. For questions, please contact Carol Sorensen at [email protected] or Mary-Ann Mehlhorn at [email protected].

We welcome our new resident Republicans and conservative Independents in a relaxed atmosphere, with a fun sharing of ideas and great people brought to the Ranch to meet you! Learn about candidates and issues before election season arrives!