Thank You … and Some Reminders

Karen Shickedanz

Thank you to all those who are donating empty pill bottles for use by Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) and Pinal County Animal Control. The bottles are picked up every Friday at the Mezza Byte computer store in the SaddleBrooke shopping center. Here are some reminders for you before you drop off your bottles:

* Only prescription pill bottles are accepted. No over-the-counter medicine bottles, please.

* Only bottles with childproof caps are accepted. The shelters sometimes use these bottles to send meds home with adopted or fostered pets, and some of these homes have children.

* Remove labels and wash out the bottles if there is a lot of medicine residue in them.

* Don’t donate overly sticky bottles. The stickiness is very difficult to remove, if at all.

And again, thank you for your concern. The animal shelters have been—and continue to be—at or over capacity. Most recently, for example, PACC had nearly 500 dogs, along with countless cats and other animals. Many of the animals come in with medical conditions that are treated by the shelter veterinarians but require continuing medication by adopters and fosters.