Resident Author: “Sacred Silver Linings” by Tanya Fagetan

Tanya Fagetan with her recently published book

Debora Witten

A new international bestseller was released in November and SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) resident Tanya Fagetan is an author of the multi-author book. Participating in the collaboration has been rewarding, challenging, and life-dream-fulfilling for Tanya.

Sacred Silver Linings—uplifting stories from women who found the bright side in dark times is a project she is honored to have been a part of. During and after college, having articles published in sewing publications was exciting, but stepping into this project and obtaining bestseller status has been expansive and positive.

What do you do when all hope feels lost or like there is nothing left? The human experience seems to be rich with these types of experiences, doesn’t it? Worst of all, in our darkest moments we often think, “No one could possibly know how this feels.” The book is full of stories right from that moment.

Sharing life, love, and loss through movement has been a mission and purpose for Tanya for many years. She’s grateful to share her love of movement, yoga, wellness, and meditation with SBR residents in yoga, barre, and chair yoga classes.

The book became a bestseller in both Australia and the U.S. within 24 hours of the launch. Reaching people and connecting with others has been one of Tanya’s gifts in life. Having the book open opportunities such as being a guest on award-winning podcasts and meeting people from around the world who write in has been both inspiring and motivating to her. Tanya shared, “How fantastic it is to read an email from someone I’ve never met who writes that the messages shared gave hope and motivation to keep going—no matter life’s circumstances.”

Women who found themselves in the darkest of times and ultimately found the “sacred silver lining,” share their stories with a message of hope that you can find the light in your dark times, too. Perhaps the very thing that nearly destroyed you was also there to illuminate your greatest gifts.

The book is available on Amazon, or for a signed author’s copy, visit or email [email protected].