Restaurant Dining Out Club holds second annual All-Member Event

Linda Harvey

The second annual All-Member Event for the Restaurant Dining Out Club was held at Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse on August 9. Pinnacle Peak is part of Trail Dust Town, a mid-19th century western village in southeastern Tucson. The town is complete with shops, train ride, carousel and of course, a saloon. It’s a great place to see and feel what the early West might have been like. The restaurant is known for its informal atmosphere. If men wear a tie, it will be cut off and hung from the rafters. The staff goes by names such as Poker Alice, Durango, Black Jack and Frank James. Everyone who attended had a great time.

For those interested in history, Trail Dust Town is the home to the Museum of the Horse Soldier where one-of-a-kind artifacts from the U.S. Military mounted services are displayed. Visitors to the museum have the unique opportunity to discover and learn about the horse soldiers during times of peace and conflict from the 18th-21st centuries.

The Restaurant Dining Out Club was started in 2013 as a way for SaddleBrooke Ranch residents to meet other people from the SBR community while also trying out Tucson restaurants. Club members are organized into “tables” of 12-16 people. Each table has a “table captain” who ensures the two main guidelines are followed. Those guidelines are 1) members must host, that is make arrangements for dinner once a year for their table; and 2) as host invite the other members of their table back to their home after the dinner for dessert and beverages. Naturally the restaurant provides separate checks. The club has grown to 12 tables; but more tables could be added as more people join the club.

At the end of each calendar year members are given the opportunity to move to another table through a process called “the rotation.” Names of people who wish to move to another table are randomly matched to another table looking for more members. This happens in November for the next calendar year. If you are interested in joining please contact Linda Harvey at [email protected].

Special thanks goes to those who helped with all the arrangements and plans for this year’s All-Member Event. They are Emily Smart, Wanda Bailey, Jeanelaine and Chip Parfet.