Restaurant Dining Out Club of SaddleBrooke Ranch

The annual All-Member Dinner for the Restaurant Dining Out Club was held on Oct. 30 in the Sol Ballroom. Seventy-seven people attended a plated meal following a cocktail hour.

The club was started more than seven years ago and has grown to over 200 members.

The club is divided into “tables” of 12 to 16 people who stay together for one year. Each month, a table member selects a restaurant of their choice, makes arrangements for the table, and sends out the invitation. Table members meet at the restaurant for dinner (of course, paying their own way). Then all table members are invited back to the host’s home for dessert and beverages. After one year together, table members are given the option of “rotating” to another table.

The club is for SaddleBrooke Ranch residents and includes singles as well as snowbirds. The only requirement is that table members host at least once a year.

“Rotation” occurs in February, and the new year begins in March. If you are interested in joining the club, either sign up at the club expo on Feb. 8 or contact [email protected] by Feb. 8.