Riders Enjoy the Last Ride of the Season at Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Joe Valancius, Neil Uscier, Karen Nelson, Bud Nelson, and Cindy Valancius (right to left)

Joe Valancius, Neil Uscier, Karen Nelson, Bud Nelson, and Cindy Valancius (right to left)

Rebecca Williams, secretary, SBR Horseback Riding Group

Nine horseback riders donned their gloves and headed out for one last ride in the sunshine in March at Colossal Cave Mountain Park. It was the last ride of the season for both the horseback riders and the stable. Although horseback riding, similar to golf, does involve being in the sun and social distancing, the stable said they were closing early and would not re-open again until July at the earliest.

The wrangler said about half of the horses would be sent early to dude ranches in Colorado. This is a common practice among stables in Arizona. They have an arrangement with stables in Colorado to share horses, so each has more horses for the busy season, which for Arizona is in the winter and for Colorado is in the summer. This keeps the horses in shape and works well for all concerned.

The wranglers of Colossal Cave Mountain Park and the La Posta Quemada stable there did a wonderful job taking the group along parts of the Arizona Trail, and pointing out the old stagecoach road that took passengers from Tucson to Bisbee—which was a major mining town at the time. The area is rugged and it is interesting to realize this was the way the stagecoach went, as they needed to follow a route that assured water for the horses. Only when the train came could they go across the flatter desert.

The group will be on hiatus a month early this year. The next ride will hopefully be at the end of September. The SaddleBrooke Ranch Riding Group is open to any SaddleBrooke Ranch resident. If there is room on a ride, residents may also invite guests. There is no need to attend all of the rides. Come to the rides that fit into your schedule. The group’s secretary coordinates the reservations. Prior experience is not required. Many have not been on a horse since their teenage years, if then. The rides are typically one hour to 90 minutes at a walk, just to enjoy the scenery.

If you are interested in more information on the SaddleBrooke Ranch Riding Group, please look at the Horseback Riding website under “Clubs” on the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA website. After clicking on the square tile, click the blue “Horseback Riding” link to be taken to the site. Signing up is easy; just click the “Contact Us” button, enter your name and either the name of the stable or the date of the ride, and click “Submit.” The club secretary, Rebecca Williams, will confirm your reservation by email.