SaddleBrooke Ranch Library Invites You To …

Nancy Carlson

What? A Community Read

When? Tuesday, May 23, at 6 p.m.

Where? La Mesa and La Montana Rooms in the La Hacienda Club

Wait a minute … What is a Community Read?

Well, here’s the idea. Everyone who wants to, reads the chosen book by May 23. Then on May 23, we all gather for a fun and lively discussion in the La Hacienda Club.

What’s the book?

We’ll all be reading Feels Like Home: A Song for the Sonoran Borderlands by Linda Ronstadt and Lawrence Downs. This beautifully crafted book celebrates the culture, music, food, and family ties of Tucson icon Linda Ronstadt. Did you know she was born here in Tucson on July 15, 1946? This accomplished singer, songwriter, producer, and actress won 10 Grammys and numerous other prestigious awards in her long and celebrated career.

The book is not only a fascinating look into Ronstadt’s life, but also contains gorgeous photographs, traditional family recipes, and passages of her inmost thoughts, passions, and emotions concerning her heritage, cherished family, and sadly, her debilitating illness.

What’s next?

* Mark your calendar, get your copy of the book, enjoy the reading, and jot down some insights and reactions.

* The Bistro will be open for business, but they probably won’t have Albondigas de la Familia Ronstadt or Linda’s Green Chile and Tomato Salsa. Feel like cooking some?

* See you there on May 23!