SaddleBrooke Ranch resident publishes books related to wellness and consciousness

Bridget Bonner

Books are always excellent gift ideas for self and others. 5 Inspirations to Create Your Highest Self by Bridget Bonner is an easy-to-read compilation of steps that readers can begin to practice immediately to inspire wellness. Included are ideas to improve dietary, lifestyle and exercise choices; methods for mindfulness in breath, relieving stress, improving relationships and even a discussion related to financial choices that we make each day.

Additionally included in 5 Inspirations to Create Your Highest Self are self-nurturing ideas to practice. These are easy strategies to awaken present moment awareness and self-care to incentivize us to create our best self. We understand the importance and value of our own lives and well-being, finding our own calm energy. Instead of rushing or moving mindlessly through each day, we pause and breathe. Our minds are clear, and we find a sense of gratitude and joy.

Another publication by Bridget Bonner is Inspirational Words for Enlightened Consciousness that includes a single positive quote on each page. This is a book that inspires; a book to pick up and read just one inspiring quote or as many as we choose in that moment. Imagine beginning your day with that warm mug while being inspired with positive messages such as: “I practice gratitude while counting my many blessings” or “I am open to joy and grace.”

These publications are available on (search Bridget Bonner) at $9.99 for Inspirational Words for Enlightened Consciousness and $12.99 for 5 Inspirations to Create Your Highest Self. Also available is a discount of both books for $20 by contacting Bridget via email at [email protected].

Bridget is an “Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher” (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance as well as a Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Bridget currently teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga and Restorative Yoga at both SaddleBrooke HOA One and at SaddleBrooke Ranch. See the current schedule at these facilities for day/time/cost of these yoga practices.