SaddleBrooke Ranch Technology Club: Tech Club Elects New Board and Officers

Linda Shannon-Hills

The new SBR Technology Board of Directors for 2021 were recently elected. At the first combined meeting of the Board of Directors, the following officers were elected: Wolf Tombe, President; Dave Richey, Vice President; Ellyn Biggs, Secretary; and Carol Andrews, Treasurer. The remainder of the board directors are Maria Astaire, Richard Brosnahan, Tony Pietrykowski, Gene Rounds, and Bruce Strickland.

The board will assign committee leads at future board meetings and send out more information to club members on classes and workshops as well as special interest groups (SIG).

The Tech Club also has many volunteers that are not on the board, providing mentoring to members in solving computer, smart phone, or other technology issues, learning how to use Zoom, NextDoor, and other applications. Volunteers lead workshops and SIG discussions to provide their technical skills to keep the equipment in the technology room in top shape and running smoothly. Volunteers are the heart of the club’s success. Send an email to [email protected] to ask more about volunteering. If you would like to join the SBR Technology Club, visit our website at