SaddleBrooke Ranch vs. SaddleBrooke Pickleball Challenge

On April 11 and 12, 122 pickleballers participated in the SaddleBrooke Ranch vs SaddleBrooke Challenge. Fifty-two players from SaddleBrooke came over to the Ranch courts to test their skills against our players ranging from 3.0 to 4.0+ skill levels. Games were played in men’s doubles, mixed doubles and women’s doubles. Of the 250+ games played the vast majority were refereed by SBR and SB volunteers. It was great experience for many of the SBR referees who had concluded training and needed some on the job training. They all did a great job!

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to the top three teams in each skill level. A special award, Outstanding Sportsmanship, was given to Dottie McKee and Terry Jackson (3.0 Mixed, SaddleBrooke).

Hot dogs, chips, sodas and water were available for purchase both days. In addition, the players were treated to trail mix, fruit and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches both days.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Men’s 3.0: 1st, John O’Connell and Jim Moss (SBR); 2nd, Jim Hardison and Frank Engraff (SBR); 3rd, Tony Zoellner and Rick Wright (SB).

Men’s 3.5: 1st, Tim McCauley and Bruce Deverman (SBR); 2nd, Ed Valdez and Marv Richter (SBR); 3rd, Mark Pohler and Bill Burton (SBR).

Men’s 4.0+: 1st, Mike Owens and Dave Dowell (SB); 2nd, Rudy Dominguez and Keith Sturdivant (SBR); 3rd, Craig McHugh and Bill Reynolds (SBR).

Women’s 3.0: 1st, Jennifer Campion and Ginger Buetow (SBR); 2nd, Kathy Becker and CJ Utecht (SBR); 3rd, Polly Jones and Linda Schaffer (SBR).

Women’s 3.5: 1st, Barb Simms and Jean Cheszek (SBR); 2nd, Madoka Knight and Deb Lawson (SBR); 3rd, Angela Jerman and Marlene Hardison (SBR).

Women’s 4.0+: 1st, Anna Ung and Kristi Miller (SBR); 2nd, Susan Deskovich and Lou Powers (SB); 3rd, Corine Sturdivant and Susan Ness (SBR).

Mixed 3.0: 1st, Ginger Buetow and Tony Zoellner (SBR); 2nd, Doreen Reynolds and Patrick Hendricks (SBR); 3rd, Polly Jones and Greg Jolly (SBR).

Mixed 3.5: 1st, Debbie McCauley and Tim McCauley (SBR); nd, Kristi Miller and Ron Green (SBR); 3rd, Jean Cheszek and Marv Richter (SBR).

Mixed 4.0+: 1st, Sonie Lee and Rudy Dominguez (SBR); 2nd, Susan Ness and Mike Healy (SBR); 3rd, Kim Ahlgrim-Heine and Mark Becker (SBR).

Outstanding Sportsmanship Award:

Dottie McKee and Terry Jackson (3.0 Mixed, SaddleBrooke).