Save the Date for Red Cross Blood Drive December 4

Linda Shannon-Hills

We need your help! The American Red Cross continues to be short on needed blood. If you can donate, we encourage you to register to donate.

The next drive at the Ranch will be on Saturday, Dec. 4, starting at 7 a.m., with the last donation time at 1 p.m. The drive will be held in the SBR Ranch House Sol Ballroom. Log in to donate at

If you cannot find a time to donate, send an email to Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected]. The Red Cross will open more time slots if staffing is available.

The need for blood is great. If you can step up to donate, you could be saving the lives of up to three people with your blood donation. Not everyone is able to donate, but if you can, please sign up to donate at this blood drive in December.

You can also download the Blood Donor app to your phone. It puts the power to save lives in the palm of your hand. You can register to donate, fill out the history questions before you attend by doing the RapidPass on your phone app the day of donation, have your donor card on your phone for faster check in, check on all your donations and your vitals, plus follow the path of your blood journey every step of the way to the patient receiving your blood.

Give more with Power Red! If you are willing to take a bit longer during donations, the Red Cross encourages those who qualify to sign up to donate Power Red. “What is a Power Red donation?” you ask. This type of donation allows you to safely donate two units of red blood cells during one donation. During your Power Red donation, blood is drawn from one arm through an automated process. The machine separates and collects two units of red cells and then safely returns the remaining blood components, along with saline, back to you through the same arm. Donation frequency is 112 days, up to three times a year. Male donors must be at least 17 years old in most states, at least 5’1″ tall, and weigh at least 130 lbs. Female donors must be at least 19 years old, at least 5’5″ tall, and weigh at least 150 lbs.

Here is the 2022 schedule for Red Cross Blood Drives at SaddleBrooke Ranch: Saturdays on Feb. 19, April 23, July 16, Sept. 24, and Dec. 3, 2022.

Learn more about blood donation at