Save the Date for the 2021 Health Fair on Oct. 23

Phyllis Ketring, Publicity Coordinator

The 2020 Health Fair was canceled due to the COVID outbreak and the vulnerability of our community. The 2021 Health Fair is scheduled for Oct. 23, 9 a.m. to noon.

If the pandemic numbers decrease while vaccinations increase and both SaddleBrooke One and MountainView open their spaces for public use, it is very likely that the 2021 Health Fair will be back.

The planning committee will move forward and preparations will be evaluated on a monthly basis. The committee will always make decisions with an emphasis on the side of the health and safety of our residents, our volunteers, vendors, and the employees of organizations supporting the Health Fair.

The logistics of the fair will reflect mitigation requirements in place at the time.

We are now accepting volunteers. If you want to be on the list of volunteers, contact Dave Mersy, volunteer coordinator, at [email protected]. There were 100 volunteers already signed up last year, and they will be contacted in May. If you have any concerns about whether you are on the list, email Dave Mersy.

For the latest updates and changes in Health Fair activities, go to their website at