Save the date, Monday, Dec. 16, for a special holiday luncheon

Kay Lantow

On Monday, Dec. 16, the Ranch House Grill staff will serve a seated lunch of your choice of braised short ribs, roasted chicken, or eggplant parmesan, along with salad, dessert, and beverage for just $30. An open bar will also be available.

Our special guest speaker, Jeff Utsch, will discuss the history of our U.S. Constitution and its application to the 21st century. A well-known Constitutional scholar and historian, Mr. Utsch is the founder of the Heirs of Republic, which sponsors the annual Freedom Expo. Coincidently, Jeff is also a swimming instructor that assists in training Navy SEALs.

Each diner will receive a flag pin and pocket Constitution, and our artistic neighbors are providing prizes for a raffle. A list of the items and the cost of the tickets are forthcoming.

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Republican Women of Action and the SaddleBrooke Ranch Republican Club are cosponsors of this special luncheon. Look for RSVP information and invitations in the SaddleBrooke Ranch Weekly Reminder.