SBCO board members from the Ranch are never board

Camille Esterman

Retirement means different things to different people—playing golf, pickleball, quilting, crafting, woodworking, swimming, reading, exercising or just relaxing. Retirement can also mean finding outlets for one’s talents and energy. For many people at SBR, retirement means volunteering in programs sponsored by SaddleBrooke Community Outreach.

Ranchers, did you know that four of the current board members at SBCO are your neighbors?

President Steve Groth moved into the Ranch eight years ago and has been involved with SBCO for seven years. His volunteering initially focused on scholarship and enrichment programs. After serving as the Vice President of Education for five years, Steve was elected President. He actively promotes SBCO at all newcomers’ meetings. Steve claims that after listening to the fun activities available at the Ranch, encouraging people to volunteer is a hard sell. The personal rewards, however, are worth the efforts.

Larry Richter has lived at SBR for seven years and has been involved with SBCO for five years. As the current Vice President/Co-Director of Education, Larry oversees the scholarship committee. Currently there are 69 students receiving SBCO scholarships at 12 schools. Many candidates come from the ‘Copper Corridor’, an area to the north of SBR that was adversely affected by the closing of the mines. Students must apply for scholarships, submit essays and maintain grade standards to have their awards renewed each semester. Larry believes in SBCO’s mission statement “Providing Opportunities for Kids to Succeed” and improving the quality of their lives through education.

Jan Olsson became involved with SBCO almost immediately after moving into the Ranch four years ago. She began volunteering at Kids’ Closet in Mammoth as a dresser, helping qualified children pick out new clothing twice a year. Jan then became a Day Manager and now is a Vice President/Co-Director of Kids’ Closet. She is touched to see how the clothing provided has fulfilled the needs of children in SBCO’s 125-mile service area. In fall and spring, children receive clothes for school, items for personal hygiene and choose two books to take home. Major funding for the purchase of fall and spring clothing comes from the Golden Goose.

Camille Esterman joined the SBR community 18 months ago and was moved by the activities provided by SBCO. As a retired CPA, the opportunity to serve as the organization’s Treasurer was a good use of her talents. Camille applauds the fact that SBCO has no paid employees and is served only by volunteers. This fiscal responsibility insures that all funding directly supports programs that adhere to the SBCO motto “It’s All About the Kids.”

Consider becoming a part of SBCO. Membership is free and emails provide information on upcoming events and activities. If you would like to learn more about SBCO, feel free to contact one of your neighbors serving on the board or check out the website at