SBR Art Club Hosted First “Art Jam” for Club Members

Ann Schultz and Sharon Groth show off their creations with alcohol inks that Debby Felzien demonstrated.

Lisa Friedman

As a benefit of being a member of the SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Art Club, more than 25 members of the club came to our first “Art Jam” event. It was called “Wild and Wonderful Media” and it was held on Aug. 8 in the Art Room.

Art Jam is a new concept for our Art Club members. We wanted to encourage members to enjoy the work of other artists and also share their own work. It was intended to be a casual event and an opportunity to share information and insight. SBR Art Club members wandered in and out at this open-house style event.

Art Jams will be a regular event in the Art Room, with their purpose being joyful exploration of our chosen topic, alongside other art-interested individuals, and is one of the benefits of being a member of the Art Club.

Our first Art Jam, focused on art media or methods that are “off the beaten path,” such as pigment powders and alcohol inks, for example. Thank you to the following artists for displaying their art: Cathy Ratliff, watercolor powders; Jerry Strangio, pastels; Lisa Friedman, gel crayons; Debby Felzien, alcohol inks; and Erin Newman, “It’s All Paper!”—paper beads, junk journals, and iris paper folding.

Many of the participants enjoyed the opportunity to participate in experimenting with the various mediums and talking with the artists about their work and how they created their work. In fact, one participant expressed that she was delighted to find a type of art that she felt comfortable trying in the future.

From the very positive response from participants, future classes will be created. Classes will be announced when available.

Future Art Jams will have different topics for our members to explore and enjoy. These are one of the benefits of being a member of the Art Club. Membership in 2022 is only $15. For more information about joining the Art Club, contact Dale Farland at [email protected].