SBR Art Club Is Starting Again

Erin Newman

On Wednesday, April 20, the SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Art Club held its first Meet & Greet. The SBR Art Club had taken a hiatus due to COVID; however, it is ready to bring various and new art classes and activities to SBR residents and is welcoming members. Whether you have been a member previously or are brand new, everyone is welcome!

The purpose of the meeting was to garner fresh ideas from interested residents on what types of art classes and activities in which they would like to participate. The new Art Club board is Erin Newman, president; Lisa Friedman, vice president; Dale Farland, treasurer; Debby Felzien, secretary; and Liza Strub, calendar coordinator. The board was excited to see more than 35 residents participate and show an amazing amount of interest in the type of art and activities they would like to see presented. The attendees provided great ideas for making the future of the SBR Art Club successful. The board will be coordinating teachers for future classes of different art mediums.

Several of the art mediums that will be offered in the future are: acrylics, paper quilling, oil painting, plein air, watercolor, collage, rock painting, charcoal, pastels, pen and ink, and pencil, just to name a few. The board is excited that three SBR artists will be teaching three different classes in June in the Art Room within the Creative Art and Technology Center.

Please see the related article regarding three upcoming art classes in June!

SBR Art Club membership: If you’re interested in joining the Art Club, please contact Dale Farland at [email protected]. If you email Dale, she will email you with the membership and waiver forms for you to complete with your membership dues. Our fee for joining for the remainder of 2022 is only $15. Please make out your check to SBR Art Club.

We look forward to watching this club grow and develop. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the board members:

* Erin Newman, president, [email protected]

* Lisa Friedman, vice president, [email protected]

* Debby Felzien, secretary, [email protected]

* Dale Farland, treasurer, [email protected]

* Liza Strub, calendar coordinator, [email protected]