SBR Art Club Meeting and Upcoming Class Schedule

Dale Farland

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Art Club hosted a general membership meeting on Oct. 6. Erin Newman, president, and Lisa Friedman, vice president, presented to the membership all of the activities and classes the SBR Art Club board has accomplished since the club was resurrected in April after the COVD hiatus.

A calendar of upcoming classes for November, December, and January was passed out. In November, there will be a Beginner Drawing class starting Nov. 2, and a Beginner Acrylic Painting class starting Nov. 3. In December, there will be two Paint and Sip painting classes, on Dec. 8 and Dec. 15. In January, there will be a Drawing Lines, Shapes and Forms class (formerly Beginner Drawing II class) beginning Jan. 4 and a Beginner Watercolor class starting Jan. 5.

Debby Felzien, secretary, also discussed the process for being a monitor within the room. If you are an SBR Art Club member and would like to be a monitor, you do not have to commit to a weekly schedule. Please contact Debby Felzien at [email protected]. She will provide you with more information.

The next general membership meeting will be on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 3 p.m. in the Art Room. As the board is looking to 2023 for new activities and classes, we welcome existing and future members to join us for the meeting.