SBR ARTwalk—Better Than Ever

Linda Shannon-Hills

After a year off due to the pandemic, the 8th Annual 2021 SBR ARTwalk open-studio tour was held on two days for the first time, on Oct. 23 and 24. It gave the SaddleBrooke Ranch residents more time to visit the more than 51 artists in 35 homes and more than 50 artists selling in the Creative Arts and Technology Center. The quality of the art crafted by our SaddleBrooke Ranch artists was even better this year. After a year of quarantine, artists were brimming with their work.

Residents could stroll or cart or drive to the various artists’ studios or spaces and visit the Creative Arts and Technology Center displays and open studios. It was a great time to purchase those special holiday gifts or to fill the open spaces on new residents’ walls.

If residents were not able to attend the SBR ARTwalk, many artists may still have some items to purchase or you could custom order.

Here is a list of the artists showing in homes at SBR: Ginny Mulhern, Bill Harant, Jane Lockett, Linda Parker, Jean Morgan, Janice Mihora, Ellyn Biggs, Lupita Brown, Beverly Hinton, Gerald Strangio, Sandi Arditi, Diane Fuller, Kari Erickson, Pat Vonk, Melanie Ritson, Sharon David, Bob Hills, Steve and Mary Schneck, Lori Neal, Suzy Claar, Chip Donaldson, Ceci Irwin, Sharron Kozma, Ron Monson, Sue Monson, Ron Gustafson, Judy Robbins, Frenchie Clark, Julie Edmonsen, Denise Carlton, James Hoagland, Linda Strugala, Dian Gowen, Cher Stroben, Joan Forrest, Pam Wample, Judy Tedeschi, Ginger Buetow, Lydia Reichard, Jeff Hansen, Russ Hardy, M.E. Price, Susan Swanson, Vern Nulk, Diana Posada, CeCe Willeford, Sharon Farber, Doug Miller, and Erin Newman.

These artists showed in the club studios at the Creative Arts and Technology Center:

Glasshoppers Glass Art Club: Kathy Adis, Marnie Binney, Holly Blake, Deanne Bradley, Meriam Brock, Cheryl Buck, Jay Cafferty, Sue Ann Dilts, Karen Draper, Marilyn Erder, Sharon Farber, Debby Fletcher, Cris Masters, Corrine Glense, Karla Gomez Meyer, Mindy Hawk, Lydia Reichard, Bev Hinton, Sue Hilchey, Tina Kratzer, Kim Leavitt, Margaret O’Toole, Monica Oszust, Joann Pritchard, Cher Stroben, Peg Tomaso, Vicki Warning, Tina Webber, and Chris Young. Mudslingers: Various artists’ work on sale. Painting: Gene Nault, Sharon Morey, Sylvia Harmon, and Bridget Gallagher Robson. We Be Beaders: Sharon Marchant, Pat Combs, Mary Tomasello, Sharon Morey, and Sharie Reddington. Papercrafters: Sandy Holden. Jewelry & Lapidary Club: Bob Grady, Ed and Kathy Harris, Linda Inhelder, Bill Harant, John Backes, and Sandi Arditi. Woodworkers: Sam Rossi, Dan Carter, Leslie Gordon, Ed Cheszek, Russ Hardy and Jeff Hansen.