SBR Billiards Club Wins Tournament

Camille Esterman

On Aug. 20, 2022, the pool sharks from the SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) Billiards Club circled the four slate tables at SaddleBrooke and captured the traveling bronze 8-ball Partners Challenge Plaque.

Shooters from SBR included Bruce Keller, Gene Renner, Phil “the Fixer” Jelleff, Jim Kauffman, Jim Mabbott, Tim Connolly, Karl “English” Knight, Kurt Warning, and Cliff Terry.

Their worthy opponents from SaddleBrooke were Joe “Fast Eddie” Giammarino, Gary “One Rail” Barlow, Dominic “the Doctor” Borland, Phelps “Frenchfry” L’Hommedieu, Tony “the Snake” Cardillo, Jack “Crash” Hoverter, Lowell “8-Ball” Hegg, and Joe “Ball Breaker” Vidmar.

Tournament play had been suspended for several years due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, both clubs honed their skills and eagerly waited to re-establish this friendly and fierce rivalry.

The SBR Billiards Club thanks the Pool Players from the Brooke for hosting the event. Everyone is looking forward to an annual competition between the clubs. The coveted plaque is now proudly displayed in La Hacienda’s billiard room. And the intention is to keep it there for a long time.