SBR-GOP Republican Club Hosts Program on Human Trafficking

SBR-GOP Republican Club will hear about human trafficking on Monday, April 20 at 3:00 p.m., in the Ranch House Grill – Sol Ballroom.

Join your neighbors and meet our guest speaker, Supervising Special Agent Tammy Breitzke, of the DHS ICE Human Trafficking & Smuggling Group.

Human trafficking involves transporting someone into a situation of exploitation. Various sources have determined that between 20 and 40 million people are in modern slavery today throughout our world. Of those, estimates suggest that authorities identify only about .04% of survivors of human trafficking, which means the vast majority of cases go undetected. Moreover, human trafficking earns global profits of roughly $150 billion per year for traffickers, $99 billion of which comes from commercial sexual exploitation.

In 2016, Arizona saw a 30% increase in human trafficking cases from previous years, according to a Feb. 1, 2017, report by Corbin Carson of KTAR News. This information is determined by the number of reports to a tip line at the National Human Trafficking Hotline. While Washington D.C. and Nevada observe the highest rates of reported cases, Arizona ranks relatively high with over 230 cases this past year.

Please join us for this important follow up to the Customs and Border Patrol presentation of last August. As usual, there will be a short business meeting before the presentation. The meeting begins at 3 p.m., with the doors opening around 2:30 p.m. The Ranch House Grill is open for happy hour until 5 p.m. Consider stopping by early for a snack before the meeting.

Planning ahead:

On May 18, our Legislative District (LD) 8 representatives will provide us with a legislative update on the most recent Arizona laws. Additionally, Claire Morgan, a constitutional scholar and teacher, will discuss the recent attempts to eliminate the Electoral College.

On June 15, you will have an opportunity to meet and ask questions of your Pinal County Officials in a panel discussion. These include the Assessor, County Attorney, Sheriff, Recorder, Treasurer, School Superintendent, and Clerk of the Superior Court.

Invite your friends and neighbors to learn about these important issues, and help grow our club membership.