SBR Horseback Riding Group rides to Castle Rock Lake

Mary Fung and Cindy Valancius enjoy riding through the shady trees and scrub brush.

Mary Fung and Cindy Valancius enjoy riding through the shady trees and scrub brush.

Rebecca Williams

Who knew there is a beautiful lake just south of Catalina Highway heading up to Mount Lemmon? The SaddleBrooke Ranch Horseback Riding Group met up with their wrangler guides at a trail head that led them down a wonderfully shady path of old growth mesquite trees, wild flowers, and cacti. At the midpoint of the ride they came to the lovely Castle Rock Lake, a welcome oasis in the desert. It was interesting to see this lovely spring fed lake with tall rushes along the side. We are fortunate to have many varied venues for our horseback rides.

On Nov. 16 the group rode out west at Old Tucson to enjoy some of the Saguaro National Park as well as the fun of riding through the set of the High Chaparral and other spots where many movies and TV shows were filmed. Following the ride, some participants entered the park at a discount to enjoy stunt shows, dance hall revues, and Old West history and memorabilia. It is always both interesting and a lot of fun.

On Dec. 14 the group will be riding at the Westward Look stable just off Ina Road. This trail winds along the foothills of the Catalinas and offers some nice views and a fun and relaxing ride at a nearby location. Rumor has it that a new stable may be opening for rides in Catalina State Park after the New Year.

If you would be interested in the group’s activities, go to the HOA website, “Things to do – Clubs.” In the middle column is a link to the “Horseback Riding Group.” Click on that and then the link under the information for the secretary, Rebecca Williams. There you will see a webpage about the group’s activities and can see the “Read News” section for upcoming rides. If you would like to participate, simply click on the link at the bottom left under “Contact Us,” give your name, the ride you want to join, and the time if there is a choice. The secretary will get back to you with a confirmation and can help with any questions you may have. You can participate as often as you chose. All rides are one hour and at a walk, just to enjoy the scenery.