SBR Photography Group focuses on composition


Arlene Wong

On December 15 the SBR Photography Group met and were treated to a special presentation by our very own resident photographer, Bob Hills. Approximately 30 people attended and learned how to compose great images during Bob’s workshop called The Photographer’s Eye.

We learned to make great photographs which requires both technical and artistic abilities. However, the workshop focused on the artistic elements of photography and covered image composition and techniques that the photo enthusiast can do with most any camera from smartphones to DSLRs.

Bob discussed the techniques to consider when taking photographs. He showed images that illustrated how they were composed using the techniques discussed. We also learned the difference between making images and taking snap shots.

Following Bob’s workshop, many felt they were better equipped to produce more interesting, compelling and engaging photographs. You can view some of Bob’s work on his website at

The SBR Photography Group meets every six to eight weeks to share common interests in photography and to further our picture taking abilities. For further information about the group and/or to receive regular updates, please contact Steve Weiss at [email protected].