SBR Technology Club continues to offer more

Linda Shannon-Hills

April offered a new discussion group for members. On the second Monday of each month from 1:30 p.m. until 3:30 p.m. we will be having open discussions about a topic for the month. The facilitators and members of the club can suggest topics they would like to discuss for future meetings. If the topic requires further discussion, it may carry over to the next month’s session.

For April, the topic of discussion was where to find free software for various needs. Several suggestions were made for Office Automation software; word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Also, conversion software ( to convert pdf documents to jpg and Primo PDF that acts as a printer on your computer, but produces pdf’s. You specify the file name and location. Anything you can print, you can pdf. One advantage of this one is you can append to a pdf file, so you can combine multiple files into one pdf. The group discussed a home page grid for all your custom home page urls. We also discussed several mapping options. All the recommendations were posted on the SBR Technology Club website Login with your username and password. Click on the tab for Club Business and select from the drop down, Documents. Click on the + to expand the document folders. Scroll down to Handouts and click on Free Software for PCs and Macs. Open the pdf document.

May’s discussion will center on Home Entertainment options, follow the subject of our General Meeting on May 6. The discussion session will be on Monday, May 13, at 1:30 p.m. in the Creative Arts and Technology Center, Technology Room.

We also started Family Tree Maker workshops in April with six independent sessions on one of the industries. favorite genealogy documentation software. Mike Neal started the sessions in April and these sessions will continue every Tuesday afternoon through May 21. He will offer these workshops again at a later time. This workshop is only open to members of the Technology Club and you must register for each session.