SBR Technology Club Membership Grows

Tech Club members at the March Club Expo, left to right: Maria Astaire, Barbara Whitehead, Jeff Kaczmarek, and Tony Pietrzykoski

Jeff Kaczmarek

The SBR Technology Club continues to grow! We have 233 active members currently, and observing the crush of interested folks at the recent Club Expo, we expect that number to grow quickly. And for obvious reasons—because the Tech Club is your “one-stop shop” for technology solutions!

Whether it’s an issue with your iPhone, tablet, or personal computer, you can find help through the Tech Club. We offer classes, one-on-one personal assistance, and a variety of special interest groups to address your problems and interests.

Recent classes on MAC OS (operating system) and cyber security were sold out. Upcoming sessions will include: using Zoom, social media, and photo/video editing. We recently acquired a high-speed scanner and advanced software to convert your old but valuable slides and photos to digital formats. You can schedule time in the Technology Room to acquaint yourself with these tools and start converting your items.

Additional sessions are being planned on drones, Apple watches, and home automation. Check out our website at if you want to join. If you have an interest in being an instructor on any topic, contact Jeff Kaczmarek, education chair, at [email protected].