SBRMGA Hosts Thrilling Ryder Cup Tournament

Jack Dyck, Tony Salerno, Andy Bolland

The greens were alive with excitement as the SaddleBrooke Ranch Men’s Golf Association (SBRMGA) recently hosted its annual Ryder Cup tournament, a thrilling three-day event that had golfers engaged in fierce competition on May 15, 16, and 23.

With a total of 102 players, evenly split between 51 golfers representing the Blue Team and 51 representing the Red Team, the competition was intense from the get-go. But when the dust settled, it was the Blue Team who emerged victorious, clinching a convincing 52-44 win over their rivals. Let’s hear it for the Blue Team, led by the dynamic duo of Captain Sam Rossi and Vice-Captain Paul Berrycongratulations are definitely in order!

While both teams showcased remarkable skill throughout the tournament, it was the Blue Team who stole the show with an array of standout performances. Take Greg Byrne, for instance, who managed to shoot under his age of 76an impressive feat by any measure. And let’s not forget Larry Tipton’s unforgettable moment on the final day when he nailed an ace on hole number 14 with his last swing. Talk about ending on a high note!

But the accolades don’t stop there. A select few players from both teams achieved the rare feat of winning all three of their matches, earning themselves a well-deserved $50 prize. From the Blue Team, B.J. Shultz, John Huard, and Jeff Silver each accomplished this remarkable feat, while MGA President Tony Salerno and Scott Thordarson represented the Red Team with their own triumphant performances.

And let’s give a round of applause to those who came oh-so-close to perfection, with two wins and a tie over the three-day event. Greg Byrne, Mark Drake, Robert Ferguson, Captain Sam Rossi, and John Williamsall of you played exceptional golf and deserve to be commended.

But fear not, golf enthusiasts! The excitement is far from over. Up next on the MGA calendar is the eagerly anticipated Match Play Championships, kicking off on July 18. And hot on its heels is the Bubba Hawkins, a one-day tournament slated for Monday, July 22. Be sure to mark your calendars for these thrilling eventsyou won’t want to miss out on the action!

In the meantime, let’s raise our clubs to the participants of the Ryder Cup tournament for showcasing the true spirit of camaraderie and competition on the course. Until next time, may your drives be long and your putts be true!