SBRMGA—Match Play Tournament Results

Tom Graham

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Men’s Golf Association (SBRMGA) Match Play Tournament kicked off July 28 and finished Sept. 15. The tournament structure incorporated three flights. Each flight had a Championship and a Consolation bracket. The competition continued until each competitor experienced a minimum of two losses (one in the Championship flight and one in the Consolation flight). Flighting for the Match Play Tournament was done according to the competitor’s tee selection. The available tee selections for the flights were Pine, Blended (Pine/Rust), and Rust. The competition was played using the players’ handicaps.

Championship Flight

Pine: First, Jim Strachan; Second: Kevin McCarthy

Blended: First, Tom Flynn; Second: Larry Tipton

Rust: First, Troy Peterson; Second: Rick Wright

Consolation Flight

Pine: Third, Tim Baker; Fourth, Ed Harrington; Fifth, Jeff Pharr; Sixth, Rich Hanson

Blended: Third, (tie) Lou Mastro and Joe Valancious; Fifth, Ed Cheszek; Sixth, Robert Christianson

Rust: Third, Bill Albu; Fourth, Jim Dyer; Fifth, Rob Nemecek; Sixth, Jayson Claar

The competition was intense with several close matches. Many matches ended at 1 up and some going extra holes to determine winners. We appreciate all who entered, making the Match Play Tournament a grand success. A special thanks to Bruce Haney, the SBRMGA special events chair.