SBRMGA membership notice

Tom Graham

The Men’s Golf Association has continued growing both in membership and in the regular weekly and special event participation. The reasons are many and point to a value proposition. Yes, we may be removed from our careers but we still understand value.

Clubs at the Ranch have membership fees. The SBRMGA membership cost is $70 with annual renewals at $65. The Arizona Golf Association receives $35 of the membership cost which provides our members with AGA membership, handicap management, specials available to members, e.g. recent Sewailo Golf and give-a-ways and, of course, various rules updates and notice of other state-wide locations with AGA golfing specials.

That leaves your MGA with a $30 renewal or $35 new membership. This combined with the work of the volunteer board and committees provide the member with a unique weekly event: one that is both competitive and challenging to the golfer of all abilities. Also provided are five special events, generally two-day competitions. These include such events as our local Ryder Cup, Club Championship, Founders Cup, Match Play and a FedX styled event. Also, together with the WGA, a mixed sticks format and a mid-year Desert Heat event open to the entire Ranch community.

We are just scratching the surface. Throughout the year the MGA has subsidized the cost of various member lunches including the Founder’s Cup/annual meeting lunch. The result being only a $5 cost to the member. Consider, too, the Greg Norman SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Club MGA shirts presented to our members at a greater than 50% discount. Today’s styles and high quality for our membership. Further the MGA has been able to provide quality spiffs such as golf towels and cleaners through the Golf Club. A last item this year was our special Holiday Social. The MGA contributed to the event reducing member cost.

Sure, there is financial value. More importantly the value is personal. Our members extend their circle finding even greater opportunities to golf, to socialize, to be a part of an invigorating, growing community. Thanks go not just to the board and members but to our outreach partners that help make all of this possible. If you are not already a member, consider it. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up, tee up and swing away with others of similar abilities and interests or even new interests. It’s a great time to be a member.